Approximately 250,000 tons of plastic are used per year in the European agricultural and floricultural market. Buckets, trays, pots, clips and packaging are made from these. Collecting, transporting and recycling used plastic waste is also a burden on the environment. Moreover, the collection of plastic waste is not always common within and outside Europe. The use of an alternative is often not possible within the agro and floriculture industry.

A strong, biobased, biodegradable and waterproof alternative to existing packaging, logistics and support materials, WPT Biobased is sure that this solution contributes to a circular economy in the agricultural and floriculture industry. For the future, WPT Biobased wants to contribute to the plastic-free plant, where no plastic is needed during the cultivation and delivery of the plant.

The power of WPT Biobased

WPT Biobased translates the ideas of sustainable solutions with product development and production methods, until introduction into the market. The company tests the developed products and streamlines the market introduction with different partners in our network.