WPT Biobased becomes proud member of Benefits of Nature

WPT Biobased has become a Proud Member of Benefits of Nature. By becoming a member of Benefits of Nature, WPT Biobased endorses the need for measurable improvements in the sustainability of the horticultural sector.

Benefits of Nature sees three steps in sustainability.

MEASURING – Efficient sustainability starts with measuring: how sustainable is the company? Measuring provides insight into where the fastest, cheapest and easiest to preserve.

IMPROVE – How can sustainability be improved? It can be as simple as switching to renewable energy or replacing one with another. We know this by measuring first!

INNOVATE – Major steps in sustainability can be taken by working together in the chain to develop new products and systems. Together we can make sustainability and increase margins!

WPT Biobased endorses and supports the approach of Benefits of Nature and wants to contribute to a more sustainable horticultural sector through the network of founding fathers and proud members.

For more information, visit the website of Benefits of Nature