Bolayo cultivation pot enters the market

This week, the Bolayo cultivation pot, was brought on the market for the first time by a grower. The pot is part of the plastic-free concept of Mulders Sierteelt from Middelbeers. The plastic-free Physalis Peruviana (Inca Gouda) from Mulders Sierteelt, with the sustainable Bolayo cultivation pot, was nominated for the Greennovation Award in September 2019. Now this new, innovative concept is for sale for the first time via the auction or FloraExchange.

The edible Physalis Peruviana (Inca Gouda) has been certified sustainably grown by Mulders Sierteelt, with the MPS Global GAP FV certificate for the growing conditions and the MPS GRASP certificate for the social conditions. In addition, Mulders Sierteelt has a bee hotel in the yard and the residual water is collected in a bio ditch, cleaned and reused in a natural way. Mulders Sierteelt received the Agrofood Plume from the province of Brabant for this in 2018.

The plant is cultivated and delivered in the sustainable Bolayo cultivation pot instead of a plastic cultivation pot. This pot consists of 100% natural raw materials and is biodegradable. Replacing the plastic cultivation pot reduces the use of fossil raw materials, prevents plastic litter and also reduces the CO2 load. The innovative Bolayo pot proves to be a responsible replacement for the plastic pot in various crops. The pot withstands the process of potting and cultivation and ultimately ensures a beautiful and natural product for the consumer.

The pot in combination with the Physalis Peruviana, which offers the consumer the opportunity to grow the healthy Inca Goldberry in their own garden, is a unique concept. Both in terms of the plant and the material for cultivation. The sales concept of the plastic-free Inca Goldberry is completed with a plastic-free label and a cardboard Ecoclicktray. As a result, all plastic elements have been replaced for sustainable alternatives to natural materials. This concept is proof that the plastic-free plant is possible for various crops.